If you're not familiar with a capsule wardrobe,

here's some info:

Every day, we spend time looking at our collection of clothes, wasting time deciding what to wear. 

For some people, this might be a pleasurable activity, putting different items, colours and styles together. 

I think it's dead boring.

Enter: the capsule wardrobe. 

This is just a different way of saying "I have no fucking clothes". 

But, it's great.  Just a small collection of simple essentials that take minimal time to put together. 

Think plain white tee with black skinny jeans - classic. 

The benefits:

EASY By owning a small collection of clothes, you drastically reduce the time wasted thinking of what to wear.  Compare this to Netflix.  Seemingly billions of things to watch, yet most of us spend more time trying to decide what to watch.  With a small, curated collection, you get to save your mental energy for more important things. 

STOP SPENDING Following the trends, buying fast-fashion and having loads of clothes (but nothing to wear) will ultimately leave you wanting to buy even more clothes.  By only shopping maybe once a year for key, quality items made from good, sustainable materials, you will stop your regular shopping trip money, which you can use for something else. 

STYLE You might think your personal style comes from wearing something different every day that screams your personality. 

I don't.  Pairing a simple tee with some simple jeans and simple trainers screams a confident style.   

My wardrobe:

<image tbc>